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Unable to link payoneer to paypal account

I tried many times to link my account to Paypal it cant go though.
I need an account on Community Federal Savings Bank instead of First Century Bank.
I'm not able to reach an agent on phone, also i sent a request without answer. request number: 200827-027538.
I have a visa linked to my paypal account


  • wordprono
    wordprono Member Posts: 3
    I'm also experiencing this same issue. I have open some ticket only to receive a 'somehow' unhelpful auto-response. Would you mind if I attach my ticket no? Maybe you can look at my attachments and probably help me out with this
  • wordprono
    wordprono Member Posts: 3
    BTW, here's my customer ID: 39505720. Truth be told, I can't continue creating tickets that eventually get no, or in your case; very late response. If using my ID can help you see my generated tickets, then great! Please do make use of it. In the meantime, I'll unlikely hit up support. It's disappointing to hope for a response and see your hope dashed from silence