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Payoneer will not let me withdraw my money

Payoneer will not let me withdraw my funds. They asked me to renew my card, which I did. They then asked me for proof of residence which I sent. They said they couldn't read the document. I sent another and they said it was out of date, even though it was only 2 months old. Then they asked me to request renewal of card which I've already done. It's just going around in circles.
I knew then that my money was gone, I would never see it again. I have deleted Payoner from my Amazon account and will lodge a complaint with
I will also start posting on all the author groups I am a member of, warning people not to use Payoneer, and if they do use it, to switch to another company. They used to be reputable, but not any more. BEWARE!
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  • wordprono
    wordprono Member Posts: 3
    More hard to believe is the new duration it takes for a complain to be responded to. I've had one sent way back on the: 18th. Till today, I haven't received a single response. Little things like these damage a company's reputation. Payoneer should know better