1 Year ago, I withdraw 56$ from Fiverr but in my payoneer account It is till showing pending, why?

Hi Payoneer Team! Actually I have a serious issue with my payments. About 1 year ago I withdraw payment from the Fiverr to Payoneer. Now, one year is passed but my transaction is still pending. Kindly look at my Account and tell me why my transaction is still pending?. I have mailed you so many times but no one responds to me, Kindly help me! I Shall be very thankful to you for this favor. Here is the payment details. Amount. 56$ Transaction ID. 112387074 Reference Number: #200504-016240 - clear


  • dball7848dball7848 Member Posts: 3
    Hi payoneer team I also withdraw money from fiverr but in payoneer app it does not show any money please help me

    transaction id: 216043163
    customer id: 39569007
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