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Hi can you please help approve my account. It has taken too long.

My email is [email protected]


  • oladis
    oladis Member Posts: 2
    Por favor necesito que aprueben mi cuenta mi correo es [email protected]
  • oladis
    oladis Member Posts: 2
    me dice que la cuenta bancaria nacional no existe y ya envie un mensaje con la cuenta y nada, tambien deseo saber como transfiero una vez listo de payoneer a paypal
  • rurnciz
    rurnciz Member Posts: 6
    Hello, you guys blocked my account and didn't clearly state the reason for that, as if that wasn't enough I have a $100 in the account which my whole life depends on at this point in time, you guys are mean, I'm done with your service, please I need my money back.
  • renevoil
    renevoil Member Posts: 4
    Hi Payoneer Community.

    What is wrong with the Payoneer website? It's totally not professional.

    I am from Indonesia and already spend oven 6 HOURS+ just to register an account, and still unable to do it until now.

    Waiting for never received "Verification Code". Even after a hard time and receive the verification code, then the session is ended (f*ck), restart everything again from the beginning.

    *P.S: I am using a clean install browser, there is no issue with 3rd party extension nor connection.

    There is no clear support contact from Payoneer for helping the issue. There is just a blog that is useless / not helping.

    This is an EXTREMELY BAD EXPERIENCE as a financial service.

    I can't even post my question to the forum due to cannot choose "Category".

    WTF, this website is terrible and gives people frustration.
  • kisveld
    kisveld Member Posts: 3
    I am having trouble getting my account approved to submit payment. I have supplied all of the correct documentation requested. It has been over two weeks now. I have emailed [email protected] multiple times but have gotten no response. Is this service active?

    Please email me [email protected]
  • mdabdurrazzak
    mdabdurrazzak Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
  • Ahsanch611
    Ahsanch611 Member Posts: 4
    Hello everyone
    I transacted 40 $ fro fiverr but it is still in upcoming section in payoneer its been 14 days now.
    Live chat is also not connecting yet i've tried several times.
    Kindly anyone guide me about this.
  • alikahn
    alikahn Member Posts: 1
    7 days ago to my new payoneer account but still i cant appored my bank account.
    my email
    [email protected]