Why Payoneer Support ignore me?

ahmedramadan282999ahmedramadan282999 Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
Hello My ref number is: 34318309

1- Live chat is disabled for me in the contact us page and when i get the direct link from google and try to connect i get message that chat canceled go to support center.
2- When i send you an Email i got a automatic Message don't clarify my problem (i sent like 5 Emails with the same Automatic Message)
3-Yesterday i Asked the community, Admin reply that live chat is working normal please call us.
4-Today i called you and The Automatic voice reply told me to write my ref number, I Write it then the Automatic answer was: "Sorry we Can't answer you for this ref number please go to support center.

What's the problem with my account, and how can i connect with any agent to help me in my account problems!!!!!!!!!


  • rkbokul1rkbokul1 Member Posts: 2
    facing Same problem....
  • serhatyasinpeksertserhatyasinpeksert Member Posts: 3
    Same problem 9 days no answer for my any questions.
  • ffffffff Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    no one can open new account
    their buttons are not working
    they steal money
    they kill people with legal help
    they are mafia
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