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How delete (not "reactivate") unused cards?

SasaO Member Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in Ask The Community
Hello for all,

I registered for Payoneer card in November 2019. but that card I have never received.

After a while, Payoneer send me email with question "Have you received your cards? If not click here...". I click. After a while, same thing, and again, and again... After all, I send few emails to Payoneer support but they never reply. Also, right now in my email inbox I have a question from Payoneer "Why you don't use your card?"!? When I login to my Payoneer account I saw that I have there registered 2 cards!? What is the problem with Payoneer service and their support beacuse I still not get any Payoneer card!?

Please, my questions are:

1) How can I delete that "registered" cards because I did not receive any Payoneer card? There I can see only option to REACTIVATE, and not option to delete that cards!?

2) For administration/support: what is the problem that I can't get Payoneer card?

Thank you and best regards.
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