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so i ordered a payoneer card on 25 Mar 2019, which i didn't collect

investor89 Member Posts: 3
edited September 2020 in Ask The Community
so the card got shipped back to payoneer propably and i just want to get a new card without getting to pay the replacement card fee so could i just wait till it gets expired and order a replacement for free and will the card get fees added on it every year because i can't put money on it because i cant activated as i didn't collect it. so should i do this or is their another way to get a new card for free. i see there is a option to get a new card after i receive 30 dollars on my account, will getting this card be for free. i saw on the fees section that i get charged about 30 dollars if i don't have any transactions on my account or cards within a year does this mean if i receive a payment with in a year on my account i don't got charged any fees either on the account or cards even though i didn't do any transaction with my cards and the only transaction i have is related to my account and not the card.