GBP global payment service account declined twice

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Honestly, I think Payoneer has grown too big that they don't care for the common man anymore, especially, those in the developing countries.

But note that nothing lasts forever. Nokia, Blackberry, Myspace, etc are nowhere today. TransferWise and others coming up are surely going to take over a huge chunk of your customers if you keep this "I don't care" attitude going.

I opened my payoneer account several years back, but I didn't utilize it due to circumsatnces I found myself at that time.

Fast forward to few days back, I logged in into my payoner account and found out that my account is out of tune with the current features of standard Payoneer account.

Then the battle to update my account to the latest standard began. I sent support request and followed up on facebook, and after a grueling 12 days, my request was granted and my account updated to the latest standard.

By now, I thought that my battle is clearly over, but how wrong I was.

Immediatley after my account was updated, I requested for a GBP global payment service account to enable me receive payment for my freelancing and affiliate marketing business.

But alas, my GBP account request was declined for no concrete reason. In their words, they said, "We have reviewed your application for additional Global Payment Service currencies. Unfortunately this service is currently not available for your account. Should this change, you will be notified."

I was divastated because this is my second time of requesting for a GBP bank account. First time was when my account was still in its comatose status.

I thought that now that my payoneer account has been updated, I stand a good chance to get my GBP bank account request approved. But I was wrong. The approval was declined for the second time.

Please Payoneer, or whosover that is making the rules over there, I need this GBP account to help my freelancing and affiliate marketing career in this covid-19 trying times.

I have tried reaching out to the people on your facebook channel, but they told me that they cannot help my cause. I tried to send in a support ticket or even a support message, but for wahtever reason, the contact page keep redirecting me back to the FAQs page.

In fact, it has been a frustrating experience so far with Payoneer.

Please, I need help to remedy the situation and get my GBP account approved because I really need this account for my career very urgently.

[[ Customer ID: 14666958 ]]


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    I'm also going through simething similar...this negligence should stop ...please, I have applied for a payoneer account more than a week ago. The account has since been approved but I have not been able to do my verification completely since that same last week. This is getting too much, I really need to use my payoneer account for an important business transactions this week. This transaction if not done today, it can really my business activities.Please, quickly help fix this verification once and for all and I will really appreciate it..Looking forward to your urgent response.
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    I am also going through a similar problem, I have been trying to get payment from amazon associates to my account and it has not been possible. Customer ID 15956802
    I have no idea what could be happening
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