Why has my account taken so long to be approved?

DonalTrompa Member Posts: 4
I have not been able to receive payments from my clients because since I created my account 2 weeks ago it is still not verified / activated, I need help with this! :'(


  • Naheed
    Naheed Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
    If you are not receiving any payment then it means that your account isn't approved yet. Although, payoneer takes 3 business days to get an account activated but if you didn't receive any email yet then you should provide additional information to payoneer about your account or yourself. in addition to this, if you also have another already activated account on payoneer, country restrictions or an already blocked payoneer account then definitely under the strict financial regulations. if you have none of the already mentioned issues with your account then you should consult with their team at their customer support portal. it would definitely work for you.