"I'd love Payoneer to work with we-are-testers.com"

we-are-testers is a great platform for freelancers like us. I am so sad to see that it is not a partner with payoneer payments system yet. I would like to raise a request to add we-are-testers as a partner to payoneer. Please do the needful so that freelancers like us get our money quicker and directly. you can contact them on: [email protected]

Thank you,


  • JonSnowJonSnow Member Posts: 1
    I'd love Payoneer to work with we-are-testers.com
  • JonSnowJonSnow Member Posts: 1
    We-are-tester.com is very fast growing crowd testing platform. Currently their tester facing issues for international payment. So Payoneer please accept We-are-tester as a partner.
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