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Hi from venezuela (i posted this in the spanish forum days ago, but no answer yet)


i do some programming freelance work in my spare time, and i usually charge customers via paypal, and transfer to my payoneer card without problem,


soon ago, i submited a game to Google play, and i had no issues paying the $25 entry fee with my payoneer card, but in order to register a selling account (to sell my games) Google play asks me for an bank accnt number, i submited the one in my us payment servicewich ive used with paypal before, they are supposed to do a small transfer (similar to the paypal validation process). the problem was that they mailed me back telling they couldnt do the deposit. id like to know why this happened and how can i fix it. i readed that Google and afiliates are accepted in the us payment service.




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    You need to make sure that Google sends the payment via US ACH transfer, and not international wire transfer. If the payment still does not arrive you will need to contact them for information.

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