Live Chat Cancelled + No response from Customer Support

I've been trying to live chat but it's been cancelling again and again. I've tried to contact through email but that's a dead end too. I don't know what's payoneer support trying to do.


  • KlatchKlatch Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, 20-30 mins of waiting for chats and no agent poped-up.
  • expertrox12expertrox12 Member Posts: 6
    same issue with me any my friend, we are unable to contact customer support, I also call payoneer international they are saying we are proving customer support for this account? What is this ??? Can anyone please HELP!!!
  • NaheedNaheed Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Hi Hamad Ullah,
    Many others are facing the same issue. It is the only Customer Support of Payoneer that can help. If they are not contacting at the moment, we are to wait. However, they will definitely come to assist their customers.
    All the best.
  • FriendlyAirFriendlyAir Member Posts: 1
    If the answer to your question is not in their "How can we help" options, how do you email or chat to Payoneer? Seems that they REALLY don't want to talk to their customers, do they? I have seen somewhere the chat option, but it looks like loads are complaining about the lack of response ... so not going to hold my hopes too high, and I can't seem to find that contact option again.
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