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Register An Account It Is EXTREMELY HARD

renevoil Member Posts: 4
Hi Payoneer Community.

What is wrong with the Payoneer website? It's totally not professional.

I am from Indonesia and already spend over 6 HOURS+ just to register an account, and still unable to do it until now.

Waiting for never received "Verification Code". Even after a hard time and receive the verification code, then the session is ended (f*ck), restart everything again from the beginning.

*P.S: I am using a clean install browser, there is no issue with 3rd party extension nor connection.

There is no clear support contact from Payoneer for helping the issue. There is just a blog that is useless / not helping.

This is an EXTREMELY BAD EXPERIENCE as a financial service.

I can't even post my question to the forum due to cannot choose "Category".

WTF, this website is terrible and gives people frustration.

Every customer service and contact webmaster it's all 404, totally horrible as a financial service.