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Hii Payoneer Team, I hope y'all are doing well.
I need your Assistance regarding my problem which is my Upcoming payment from Fiverr, i Transfer some amount from my Fiverr Account to My Payoneer account on 3rd September 2020, it's now 9th of September, still it shows in my Upcoming section,Why is it so? This never happens to me before, I did so much transactions and transfer with same account, But this time it happens, IDK why is that.I do submit my Inquiry on the Payoneer Customer Support Center , Plus I tweet on payoneer Account as well as i DM Both on Facebook and Twitter As well, But still didn't get any response . Please note my Issue in your Esteem paper, so i can get my Payment, Thank you so much :smile:


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    Dear Sadaf Qamar,

    We received your request to withdraw funds from Payoneer. The funds will be deposited in your bank account today. Withdrawals requested late in the day or outside business hours typically arrive on the following business day.

    Withdrawal Details:

    Amount $100.00
    Reference Number 216784613
    To (Last 4 Digits of Bank Account) 0075
    Exchange Rate 1 USD = 162.2488 PKR
    From USD Balance
    Amount Transferred to Bank Account 16224.88 PKR
    Note: Additional bank processing fees, landing fees, or intermediary fees may be deducted from the Amount Transferred by your bank or any other payment provider enabling the transfer.

    For more information, please read our FAQ.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you,The Payoneer Team
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    no amount transferred into my bank account
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