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2 months stressful unfixed not cared permanently account blocked

B_CANSIN Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
Hello Payoneer;
Please read this carefully and answer me without automated bot email reply this time because last time you reply my tons of type with that automated bot email this really disrespectful and unacceptable. I don’t deserve that bot email reply!
This my final try to get help I already open in **** wallet and **** account ( I still sensor company and platform names because I got little bit tiny respect left to your company after all of this ) . I also read your “Payoneer Community Guidelines” I know its breaks your 4. Article. I really don’t want to post here but your customer care forced me to post it here. And I don’t have anything lost at this point! Ban me again or care me but yeah here we go!

Also I understand your side too because your platform can be using by scammers to scam people so you right to be protective to your brand. But this isn’t explaining your actions against to me! Your security team not even try to understand me!

Heres summary my account is permanently blocked. I try to gave my side of story and proof %100 I am right but your security team even won’t try to understand or question my side.
First I got email from Payoneer my account blocked I directly contacted to Payoneer by phone and tried to guess what happened because your great customer service says “Its company policy we can’t tell you why its blocked”. But I give it try go with my guess because I got argue with my last customer ( You can’t make perfect satisfaction to customer always and they starting lies about us! ) I told everything what happened he said no worry to it we will send it to security department. In that call I said I can send picture of proofs. After 1 week later no one ask my side again and 1 email come from Payoneer its automated same email your account blocked. I shocked because no one in security even try to ask my proofs! What a professional move there!
Than I called again this time call took 1 hour long(because I told again everything what happened in detail) and this time after call I got email to send my proofs to there! I send and I wait until the answer come. Than answer came and this time its says your account permanently blocked. I exploded in that day and I called again and this time call center employee says we can’t do anything about it security department made its final decision and call ended and I more more exploded. Because no one ask me question I still didn’t know why I was blocked. What was missing or what I should do in that point nothing said from Payoneer. Just blindly trying to unblock my account!
Then I typed complain to BBB. After 1-week later Mr. Dan answered why my account blocked its same reason I guessed that commission person lied about what happened. And I learned Payoneer paid *** $ to that scammer. My angry change to laugh to Payoneer I mean why? Why your security team so awful to us. I begged to them to we can counter this and no one shouldn’t pay that because other side clearly lying!
And after I learn all of this I typed rejection (to exactly counter to Mr. Dan email) via BBB I waited 3 weeks to get answer but nothing come… Even worst my complain closed without getting answers!
Than after 3 weeks I typed directly reply from Payoneer to me by email. After 1 week I made other email because no answer come. Than I added 2 more email ( VPOperations/CustomerServiceManager) address and FW to email again. In same day I got finally reply but that reply drive me crazy because 10 or more pages Proof I typed and I got Payoneer Auto Reply. THIS IS ULTRA DISRESPEFULL AND UNPROFESSINAL REPLY! Your team not even care me to type normal human type reply that tons of type and proofs!
Why Payoneer failing:
1. I understand its too easy to scam Payoneer users and even Payoneer its self!
2. There is no dispute system or protection to counter our customers lies against us!
3. Its too easy the payer call his bank and get his money back even after 1 month pass (Yeah 1 month and you are not safe I lost my logic in here!). He/she only needs tell their bank this payment unauthorized/fraud and boom then they get job free done and run with your hardly earned money and work! I also read so similar complaint on BBB to mine this exactly same reply came when I reading it from Mr. Dan.
4. Even better after you block the account you also block LIVE CHAT! THIS IS LIKE WE DON’T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU!
In my story let me explain what happened between me and that scammer watch this video;
Also I really don’t want to make this video also I am gona make other one because of this unfair judgment to me! I fell like fired without even tell my story completely this isn’t how business work!
I have been sales representative in retail stores for 6 years! I know customers laws in my country so well! And also I know very well customers lies so ugly things about us too when they can’t refund their items! But our bosses ask our side of story and not directly fire us like your services!
And heres extra summary of the event to I got ban and Payoneer pay *** $ to that scammer and ban my account:
1. This guy forgets to tell me his commission private or public in payment day. And that’s because of it I didn’t add Private commission to payment topic. After 1 month of the payment when I nearly finish the dev his commission, I told I was going to release on my workshop and he starts to bullying, threating, harassing, abusing me and treat me like I am content/asset thief.
2. He forced me second agreement to get extra *** $ because I was so scared I agreed after lots of argument but I said this can be changeable until the payment.
3. After that I noticed he kicked me his dev group and really treat me like I am content/asset thief and his behavior changed to bad to me. I cancel secound agreement of I didn’t get paid I blocked him in *** platform and ***, *** platform not blocked but not answered him until I finish his job. Because of him I couldn’t sleep 2 days because of he gave me so stress and I was really in panic that day.
4. In not answering his threating make more worst and after days he deleted me all platforms except **** and I send final project link with *** *** platfrom. I finished his job and sended to him if he don’t care I don’t care because job is done
5. After 1-2 months Payoneer block my account and I tried fight against it but Payoneer won’t listen to me and paid to that scammer *** $ . Well I guess after all my tries to save Payoneer from this scam and Payoneer not care than you deserve it to paid that I am so lucky I didn’t get scammed by him but one thing drive me crazy in here he won and get items free…
Why I am angry that much:
1. I lost like 1 year or more to that guy
2. I got lots of not sleep nights to that guy for make his job done. For exp I got 3 hour sleep and go to my full workday shift! Even sometimes he told me sleep. And sometimes time blocking my sleep please don’t sleep I need to check that folder!
3. I streamed my personal computer to that guy because he is so overcontrol on me!
4. I lost 2 animation contents because of he steal my time!
5. He even canceled first project and didn’t paid me!
6. And more and more if you ask my side! And yeah I still got ban! After tons of working to little money!
For Payoneer staff who reading this If you care talk to me I can help to get your company money to fight against this lair. I really need to some to understand me and not make me wait 1 week or 3 weeks! If you want to see all proofs check my emails to your company I attached them to emails. I am not scammer and you making me show as scammer its not cool!
Well you got scammed and your security team fail to understand event and blame me to lost your ***$ good game I laughed. I really want to back after all this happened but if you still not care I already open my **** wallet and *** account. Well its sad I really trusted your services even that I upload my own ID card. After 4 years of membership I didn’t deserve this abuse from your company.
For now I am joke to Payoneer After I received that automated bot email, And from now to me Payoneer Joke to me unless care my problem correctly!


    B_CANSIN Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    I also forget to say I never abuse or scream any callcenter staff I even gave the 5 starts because they understand my problem and I was so relax with talknig them because I belived my problem will fix. They are awesome to understand me but your security team not.
    B_CANSIN Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    I still waiting Payoneer answer me.
    Are you seeing us as joke when other side even lair to open complain to us?
    I was so relax full first but now I got enough to this ***** to me I am at my max explosion level to your company because I am reading same thing as like mine to happened other people!

    And I am seeing your company to seeing us as joke to your company when someone even lair about us you directly block our account not asking our side directly getting money from our account to give to other side even sometimes you paying price it self’s (I lost my logic on that point).

    Your company should think future with this blocks happened I don't see future for Payoneer. I am saying it because your not one only borderless payment there is crypto currency exist and after every unfairly not listing block of account people will go that system is that you want? If you ask why you are untrustful and fail to defend us even more you block and like get our of my platform.

    Look I know real scammer also trying to scam people with Payoneer. But you can’t decide which is the real scammer you just go easy way if someone called his bank for this fraud o unauthorized you blindly believing that side! I am saying you need change it also hurt your company where do I know your security team not trying to understand my side and my account was empty at that point and Payoneer paid to price yeah that’s so logical I begged your security team to listen my side but THEY DON’T! I even trying to blindly to guessing to reason I can suggest better system to this like dispute system because we have to know what reason we need to counter than we can give exact proofs to counter that lie but nooo go believe lair side yeah that’s really professional move!

    For summary if still not listen me. Good luck you will lost customers because we bring you to money not other side. If don’t use you you can’t get anything. Even lots people not even heard of this platfrom. I forced to use Payoneer after Paypal banned in Turkey. If this isn’t happened I even not know. You are second payment method in world or even lower. We trying to promote you but you seeing us joke or scammer to you. I really disappointment.

    Yeah probably I am gona get ban in here because of this. Because you guys really like banning blocking people. Because you don’t want to hear to true. But my suggest stop banning people start care us because we are not evil I loved Payoneer so much when I first joined but not I back stabbed even sometimes saying my self Payoneer word and getting happy with that.

    I don’t deserve this. That automated bot emails exploded my anger. I typed 30 pages of things to proof I am the right side and I got general we don’t care email… nice job.

    I know you gona ban me because what I typed but I don't here to fight I only want to talk to someone but no one from the Payoneer staff answering me. This make me type more and more.