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Payment Requests Timing Out?

Riyad95 Member Posts: 5
Here's my issue:
I have 2 payment requests from 2 separate clients that are just in limbo. They stay "Processing" for 9 days then just declined due to no one from Payoneer's Payment Dep. collecting the payments?

I've also contacted live chat 4 days in (out of 9) and they "Escalated" the 2 requests and told me to "expect a reply within 24 hours". Still nothing happened and the payment got declined for inactivity.
For reference:

After they got declined I went on the live chat, again, and asked if there is anything wrong with my payments or what the issue is and apparently everything checks out, nothing to do on my end or my clients' and the issue was just that Payoneer didn't collect the payment for some reason and to simply send another payment request to my clients.

So I did just that, we're almost 3 days in now and nothing yet, still "Processing"... what boggles me is that I have other payment requests done after these 2 (done today) and these took 5 mins to get processed (some of these were from a client that has his payment "processing" for 3 days on the requests mentioned earlier)
So it seems future payments are ok? o.O

I'm not sure how I can"Escalate" this any further? Like if they need any verification or anything I'd be happy to provide, but apparently I can't do anything on my end?

If anyone faced a similar issue please tell me about your experience.

New Transaction IDs:

All I'm asking is that I get the payment I don't mind waiting a bit, but decline it and telling me to request it again from the clients is not nice and seems unreliable if it happens more than once. I can't keep telling my clients "hey it happened again, haha, pls pay again and let's pray together this time".



  • Riyad95
    Riyad95 Member Posts: 5
    No one faced a similar issue?
  • Riyad95
    Riyad95 Member Posts: 5
    Can I get a reply from anyone at payoneer already?
  • Riyad95
    Riyad95 Member Posts: 5
    Still waiting.. the transactions are still pending. I'm hoping these won't be declined due to no one collecting them on payoneer's side.
  • Riyad95
    Riyad95 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks to Wesley and Nica, this is solved.
    Thank you both for the great support.
  • neeville
    neeville Member Posts: 1
    > @Riyad95 said:
    > Thanks to Wesley and Nica, this is solved.
    > Thank you both for the great support.

    Please how was this resolved?