Address verification issues

Good day payoneer,

I am a freelancer, I heard about payoneer through my elder brother who has been using the service for years now. I subscribed and ordered for a card, twice I was told a new card has been sent, it’s been months now to no avail. So I ordered for another card which I requested to be delivered via dhl, listing my address and all what was requested. Since then I have been asked various items to confirm my address and identification for verification center, I sent my National ID card, driving license, bank statement from my local bank, rental agreement and a utility bill with my landlord’s name with the address clearly stated on it (electricity bill) but all this still to no avail. Also I discovered one of my payments from fiverr which is the platform I work with isn’t showing, a payment done on the 1 st of June, I checked in my account and that load was lacking. I need help here. Thanks
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