Why are you not verifying my band details?

A lot of my transitions are pending why are you not approving my bank accounts! I have sent you required information about a week ago but you are not approving it?why?


  • Valentino_PayoneerValentino_Payoneer Administrator, Moderator, Members Posts: 130 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @MuhammadHamzaSafdar Please note that transaction approval can take several business days. Please reach out to customer care to get an update.

    Please click here to message Customer Care. Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

  • MuhammadHamzaSafdarMuhammadHamzaSafdar Member Posts: 5
    sir its about 18 to 20 days ago i have add my bank account and still its not approve. my transaction stop by this reason.please help
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