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How to find Tunecore payout in my Payoneer account

I'm trying to get a payout from my Tunecore (music distribution) account. I clicked on "make payment" in Tunecore to my bank account through Payoneer. When I look in the Balance History (in Tunecore) I see that the money has been taken out of my tune core account and the transaction is described as "Payout Transaction - Payoneer" , but I cannot find any mention of this transaction in my Payoneer account. I have made one payout distribution this way about a year ago and I can't remember how I did it exactly. I just want to talk or chat with a customer service person, but can't find a way to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    SWARTZ Member Posts: 1
    did you get your payment? How long did it take, I have the same issue and I dont know what to do