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Bank Issue

UARyan Member Posts: 1
I made my Payoneer account back on 2018, and recently started using it for managing my payments. Before I was on Paypal. Now that I'm using Payoneer, I noticed that I do not have the option of adding a Bank Account for withdrawals, my current transaction is currently pending (for several weeks now). Now that I noticed that I didn't have the option of adding a Bank Account, I messaged them about my issue. Now my account is fully verified, National ID, Address, etc. In response to my issue, they are now asking me to contribute proof of my full name and address... I have no idea why they would need that considering I am already verified and all I NEED is to be able to add a Bank Account for transaction purposes. So I sent them two documents that state my name and my address, a bank document and my Government ID, but apparently that won't work. So I sent them a legal document that states my name and full address from a Government Agency. Now it is still pending after sending it on September 4. My question is, how long does it take to verify and why would they need my full name and address JUST to add the ability for my account to add Bank Accounts??? It should be a basic option, right?