Card Verification, Please Help!

eliasrnafeliasrnaf Member Posts: 6
Hello there, I'm writing this here because unfortunately, the customer support replies with automatic replies that aren't helpful at all and takes days to reply.

I had ordered my card since August 7th, had to verify a couple of things and most of them went good, except for address verification, you asked for one of the multiple methods to verify the address, and one of them was the ID, which I provided 3 times with constant rejections.

I went to get a bank statement, and they told me that they don't have any statements that show my full address and they can't provide any.

The other two remaining methods were to provide a rental agreement or a bill including my name, but I do not have any utilities or bills under my name, the only proof I have is the ID which you guys are constantly rejecting.

I really need the card, this is truly unacceptable. I hope someone can understand and fix this issue.

Thank you.


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