Upcoming transactions Transactions that have not affected your balance yet

johnalleyjohnalley Member Posts: 5
I have some Upcoming transactions that have not affected my balance yet, its been 9 days now! it keep saying upcoming transaction pending, however our payment gateway said its completed, Please help me to resolve my transaction.


  • andrelipandrelip Member Posts: 4
    I have mine for 15 days. Unacceptable.
    I don't have any pending requirements. My account dates 2017. The one making the payment is an Acquirer Bank, and they paid me two times before. They also paid other people using Payoneer. Don't make any sense.
  • johnalleyjohnalley Member Posts: 5
    have you contacted Payoneer support?
  • andrelipandrelip Member Posts: 4
    edited September 11
    Multiple times. The last one was Friday when they said that the funding source is being analyzed. They put it in high priority and said that I would receive an answer in the next business day. Nothing... I had to take a loan to cover my costs. The company also tried to pay the other part, and they said that the sort code of Barclay is invalid. Having problems after three years is frustrating. I even suggest the other guys use Payoneer.

    First ticket: [Reference Number: 200911-018843]
  • johnalleyjohnalley Member Posts: 5
    Are your problem solved now?
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