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i would like to understand what that's mean ?!!!

i refereed my brother to payonner prepaid card and he loaded his card with more then 100 dollars one and half month ago... we didn't get our rewards ...too bad we waited a lot for nothing.


when we asked the support for our  rewards , we got this answer which was really weird and sad


That's the answer we got : 


Thank you for your email.

All partner payments and US Payment Service payments count towards your friend's $100 threshold. Card to card transfers or private payments do not count at this time.



Payoneer Customer Support



my brother loaded his card from another person's card .....could that be the reason?!! just because of that we can't get the rewards ??!!

Sorry but i need to confirm and understand why we didn't get our rewards and what we should exactly do to get it .

is getting money from paypal from another person would not let us get the reward too ?!!!

and what private payment is ??

please notice that we can work with people and we can get  paid through your card , so is that a private payment i ?!!  

Thank you 




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