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Can Anyone help me to remove my funding source from disabled payoneer?

Read carefully,

Many days ago, about 2 years .I have created a payoneer account using this mail ([email protected]). And the name Rashed Rk. The Rashed is my first name And (RK) is a short form of my name. I used that name on my every online platfrorm. At that time I have verified my payoneer account with my documents as well. But after two years Payoneer again ask to verify my account. At the same time I uploaded all my documents what was necessary, But payoneer rejected everytime by saying That name(RK) is not matching with my documents. I also told them that that's a short version of my name. What I like to use on my social media platform. But they replied that they can't do anything for that issue. And they are are sorry for it. They also suggested me to create a new account as well. They will help me to verify my account. But they Don't allowed my to create a new account again. After some time they willing to close my account. So I said ok close it.

The problem starts after that. There was a linked fiverr account there as a funding resource. I thought when they will close the account all of it's data will be erased. But they closed my payoneer account but didn't removed my fiverr as a funding resource. So whenever I try to add a new payoneer to my fiverr account. It's shows this issue_______(Oops! It looks like you’ve already submitted your Payoneer application.
If you did not receive your card, or are unable to access your account, please contact our Customer Support department). I Already talked with fiverr and payoneer customer depertment. And every one replied that my linked fiverr account should be removed from my old payoneer account. But none is doing that. So I need help badly. Can anyone help me to remove my funding recourse from that id? Need help Please........ I have to add a new payoneer to withdraw my money there is no alternative method to do that for me. Cause here is no paypal service in my country. we all are dependent in payoneer. Please do something.

Thank you.