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Why Is Payoneer not accepting my valid means of identification

zanio Member Posts: 3
Good day,

For more than a month I have been struggling to access my fund, I was told to upload a Government-issued Identification card. I submitted my Government Issued identification card. It contains things like national identification number, address, and tracking code which is unique to me in the country. It was the same document I submitted when I first registered with Payoneer 4yrs ago which was accepted and my account was verified.

Now I am re-submitting similar documents to get my account verified so that I can re-order my expired prepaid card and so that I can access my funds and continue transacting with my Payoneer account and it is not being accepted. Please I would like you to look into this with all urgency as I don't have any other means of identification apart from what I have provided. The same document is what I am currently using in my kudda ( From Nigeria ) bank which payoneer recently partnership with and it was accepted.


Customer Id: 21689150
Aniefiok Akpan