Payment not received my local bank

MaddytariqMaddytariq Member Posts: 3
edited September 13 in Payoneer in Pakistan
On 8th September i withdraw my amount in my local bank but still i didn't get my amount in my bank i always received my amount in few hours its first time happening with me, i contacted with payoneer help line they said after 3 days we ill update you but still no response i also complained in my bank still no positive reply please help me how i get my amount, in future again withdraw amount its happen again or not im hell worried, please help me


  • AmmarAhmadAmmarAhmad Member Posts: 1
    Same with me.
  • Kaleem101Kaleem101 Member Posts: 1
    Maddytariq any updates do you resolve the problem
    i am facing same problem
  • MaddytariqMaddytariq Member Posts: 3
    No still my issue in process hopefully verysoon got positive reply from payoneer team
  • DeleHammedDeleHammed Member Posts: 3
    Maddytariq please how did you contact them for you to get a positive reply please am also having the same issue
  • MuhammadWaqasMuhammadWaqas Member Posts: 2
    hello @Maddytariq i have also same issue.. withdraw on 8 Sep 2020 and till today 22 Sep but withdraw amount still not reached in local MCB account.... i am waiting since 10 business days left, its 1st time stuck Usually its reached with in 1 hour but this time is different... have you get your amount?
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