Withdraw Problem

fathmyidfathmyid Member Posts: 2
Dear Payoneer.,

I have writing many time via email, first time i am trying to do withdraw (08 Sep 2020)
its successfull for $400 then money coming to my bank at 09 Sep 2020.

And the second time, i withdraw again payoneer say its successfull for $167 on 11 Sep 2020 but not coming to my bank since 3 days ago.

Please help.


  • dyaustechnoservicesdyaustechnoservices Member Posts: 3
    This is not a problem with you. I am facing this issue for the last 2 payments and still 1 payment is pending for me. Now they are deliberately postponing the payment in the name of verification and all other means by asking for contract, invoice and what not. I think its high time we have to check for alternate payment methods so that we can get our money paid to us at proper time.
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