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PayPal withdrawal to a disabled Payoneer Account refund


I made by mistake a withdrawal on June 29 from my PayPal account to my old Bank of America account related to an Old Payoneer account, for some reason Payoneer disabled my account, so I received the next day a message telling me "Unfortunately, as your account is currently under review, we are unable to process the payment. The payment has been returned to Paypal IAT and you have not been charged any fees."

On July 27 I received a trace number from Payoneer to ask PayPal about the refund.

On 31 August I sended back to Payoneer a new trace from PayPal and the screenshots of my conversation with PayPal support to ask about the refund, because PayPal says that the money was not refunded and is still in the bank account

I created a new account when I started to talk with Payoneer about this issue using other passport I have, and always when I called Payoneer I used this new account to be allowed get support.

The answer from Payoneer about the new trace from PayPal was supposed to be answered on September 11, but today, September 14, magically my new Payoneer account was disabled.

Now I tried call Payoneer today many times and the call after 5 minutes is hanged up or someone does, I'm calling from my skype with the email from the disabled account.

Who is playing or stolen me?

Where is my money?

Why I cannot contact Payoneer now?

Why the call is hanged always?

What can I do to get my money back?


  • robertoperdomo
    robertoperdomo Member Posts: 2
    Looks like Payoneer cut all the comunications ways I can have in order to keep my problem unsolved