Big problem with my account and card.

amikhokonamikhokon Member Posts: 1
My payoneer account is very old account. I already received many payment in this account. Before i can use my prepaid card. Before all was well. But from 8 september, I can see that, my payoneer balance is only available on my payoneer account. And the balance is not available on my card. Why my balance is not in my card now? Also i can not buy/ shopping using this card. I just can receive payment and send the payment now. I try to call to live chat, after the call they told me, the live call support is not available for me. I also try to contact via live chat, there i saw that, live chat also not available for me. I also try to mail theme via contact form. Then i receive auto reply. But my problem is not solve. Hey payoneer team. Just solve my issue.
Thank you.


  • raselgdmraselgdm Member Posts: 3
    My problem was different but face the same problem from customer support. I'm still trying to contact them.
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