HEEELP ADMINS:Your card has not been approved yet!

eaglexxx Member Posts: 3

Hi..my name is patrice & I'm from iraq

I need help in approving my pyoneer card sine I have registered in 20/5/2013 & till now there is now reply from pyoneer...

plz admins I really need your help esp. from Nissim/David/& Mellisa


p.s/// my account info are:

my full name is patrice esso

my reference no. is 2567884



  • Melisa
    Melisa Community Manager Administrator Posts: 1,711 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I'm glad to inform you that your card has been approved today and our Approval Department has sent you an email with the estimated dates of arrival for its delivery :thumbsu:


    Payoneer Director of Community 


  • eaglexxx
    eaglexxx Member Posts: 3

    Ohh my god thank u soooo much Melisa u truly r the best  :goodjob:  :goodjob:  :goodjob:

    I wanna thank every admin in this great website for their tremendous efforts & wish them all the best & going forward


    :thumbsu:  :thumbsu: