Payment Still Pending after 10days....

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payment pending delay/issue.

Payment was sent Sep 5 (Payment ID 217784508). They say processing time is 5 business days. It's now the 5th day. It should be approved by now but I haven't received any email, notification or an update.

I have contacted their customer service last Sep 11 and I was informed that the system was unable to review it so it needs to be manually reviewed. (Manually ????) My concern will be forwarded to their Payments team and will be reviewed for another 2-3 business days (meaning another wait time)...'s been 10 processing days already... and still no update.

What's upsets me is that, it's to difficult to reach out to their customer service agents... And when I told them that this should be escalated... the customer service agent informed me that Payoneer's higher officials are aware about the delay too. Seriously??? They should do something about it because there are a lot of us affected.

It's very frustrating!

Customer ID : 36321650
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