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Click on account info. At left side in personal information you have to select recent activity option. Check all the activity care fully and verify the locations. If you got any unwanted location it means your email account is hacked. If not your email account is not hacked. Like this we find that our email account is hacked or not. How to fixed hacked Aol desktop gold email account? In this paragraph we learn how to fixed our hacked email account. We explain procedure in few steps: Open the web browser on your desktop screen. At very top right corner you have to click on login email symbol. Type your username and click next. Type the password and click next. Now go to options at right top corner of screen. Now go to Account info. Now go to Account security. Then click on change password.
Type new password and confirm password. Then click continue. Like this we find our email account is hacked or not. How to configure Aol desktop gold Email in mail application? Mail application is a default application that is provide by Microsoft in windows operating system for managing the email accounts. There are few steps through which we are able to login in mail application: Go to mail application. Type Username & click next.
Type password & click next. After that wait email will configure in mail application. Not able to receive emails in mail application? If you are not able to receive email on your mail application then there may be a chance you change your password but haven’t update your password on your mail application
. So when you face this kind of problem then just remove your account from mail application after that go to add account & type the email then click next. After that type the password and click next.How to login Aol desktop gold email on outlook? Outlook is a part of Microsoft suite which helps you to manage your personal data and emails . Ui of outlook is very simple for use which is really helpful for manage our personal data. There are few steps through which