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I want to add another document to verify my Payoneer Card + No Live chat assistace/ Facebook support

haikalch Member Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in Ask The Community
Today I received an email telling me that I need to verify my identity and my residential address. I sent the verification center a scanned image of my national ID and my driving license then I noticed that the document should be issued in the last 12 months however, in my country the ID should be renewed every 10 years ! Are the documents I sent enough (( Picture of my ID, a recent remittance to my local bank account and my bank account information )) and if not how should I upload a recent electricity bill with my name and address because the upload button disappeared from my verification center. If these are not enough please help add a picture of my electricity bill to avoid closing my card because I do freelance full time and Payoneer is my only method of payment quick but I tried emailing them via email and facebook ( messenger and through comment ) but no respond ! they put a time limit for us to upload our documents ( October 15th ) and then they do not assist us to solve the issues that we may encounter ! Hopefully I get lucky and get someone from the Payoneer Team here !
CustomerID : 18974264


  • Doug
    Doug Member Posts: 1
    Help! I have the same problem. I have sent so many documents and they even mailed a card once thatn never arrived. I am not going through the same process. There is NO customer service and it seems their website is really messed up as I have to log back in so many times. I even had to register to leave a comment and I am a customer already! So frustrating!