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Account is Blocked

My Account is Blocked
HI,respected all i am using my payoneer account from last one years know few days ago my account is blocked with any reason i send many mail to payoneer but only got auto respond nothing else kindly help me and tell how i can active my account please i am very worried


    B_CANSIN Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    you can say good bye to your funds If its same reason with mine. Summary of my case some of your custumare could backstab you with lies of his but Payoneer not care your side of story. Where I know this because same thing happend to me but I so luckly I transfer my money 1.5 month ago to safer so payoneer paid the price to scammer this is exploit of payoneer and they don't care this. wana read more of my story go here maybe it can help you but I don't think so. Suggesition open complain with BBB. Than you can learn why your account blocked. Payoneer custumare care never gona tell you this.
  • Ashfaqbhatti
    Ashfaqbhatti Member Posts: 2
    i do not have money in that account but it linked with my fiver account know remove funding source and also he not active my account even i call them but he say we can not provide you phone call support
    B_CANSIN Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Same here mate I don't have money in my account too and I got tons of proofs on my side but they never question or trying to understand what I send them they direcly block my account forver even Payoneer paid *** $ to scammer this is where I lost my logic to Payoneer. I think we are joke to them. If someone call his bank this unautruzied or fraud its done they don't care your side of story this where they are awefull.
    B_CANSIN Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    If you want to learn your account block open reason open complain to BBB. There is change to learn it I learned from there but after I learn and reply that reason I couldn't get answer back 3 weeks waited but BBB said there is nothing coming from bussines and closed complain I just learned only reason I got block and I extremly laught to Payoneer for reason I got blocked. Yeah Payoneer really unprofessinal in here. We don't need give you reason to block your account we can do whatever we want... They says this in custumere care. So go BBB. But I don't think you can unblock your account again. I am fighting this ****** for 3 month some lair person get me in to this ugly status. I even made video about this and laught them in the end I lost my logic to them. I wish I can use Payoneer and promote them but in this status I want to scream what they done to me until I got my account back. My status unacceptable. We are giving our hours to get little money and other side abuse this and trying to make it for free and blocking our account. Good logic... But again good luck maybe you can succses what I couldn't. I hope you get your account back.
  • rurnciz
    rurnciz Member Posts: 6
    what's BBB please?
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