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Delete my account!!!

Amr_Y Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

I've sent documents to verify my address more than 5 times with no luck. The last one I sent is my new national ID, it matches exactly my address in the registration, and it was rejected without showing any reasons! Also, all the responses I get to my support requests are auto-generated. All this is so disrespectful.

If my account will not be verified without any further delay, please, totally delete my account and all my information.

My name: Amr Yasser AbdulHameed
Customer ID: 31352194
Phone number: +20 1128428475
Birth date: June 25, 1997


  • eimyrabiah
    eimyrabiah Member Posts: 3
    I think this is normal my dear زز my case has not been resolved since a year and I'm still waiting!