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Is it possible to order a new card after a long period of inactivity

I opened my payoneer account a few years ago and ordered the card (for free at the time) however a lot of policies have changed and i am no longer able to ask for a new card after mine expired.
Am i permanently banned from ordering a card because of this? I was planning to receive payments from a payoneer partner and use the prepaid card, this partner even offers to open an account and emit a payoneer prepaid card through their partnership, but since i already have an account with my name it will just connect it to that account without letting me apply for a card, am i really blocked from getting a card just because i thought the service was a good idea when i was young and applied for a free card at a time where i couldn't get funds from a payoneer partner.

I try contacting support but the live chat is currently unavailable/disabled and messages only get me automated replies with the same info found on the FAQ page which i already read.