thenibrasthenibras Member Posts: 5

Now I only have USD & GBP available on my account but not EURO. I tried this link,EUR,GBP,JPY , but the link is not working. It comes for 2 second and then immediately change into payoneer sign in site

What should i do? Is there any way to bring EURO currency in my GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE? Has anybody experienced something similar? If this don't work, i wont be able to get IBAN which is really needed for my paypal account.

I am just new user of payoneer, started recently and I think that I should better ask than to do something wrong here.



  • nicolas996nicolas996 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem
  • thenibrasthenibras Member Posts: 5
    This is really a trouble cause without EURO and its IBAN i cant link my paypal with my bank account. Did u try to open the link that i posted to apply for new currency? Or it doesnt work for u too?
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