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Account Verification

tahir1710 Member Posts: 1
Customer Service is not responding to any query as they should. So I have decided to open the problem to you guys. I have unluckily created a Payoneer account and withdrew my Fiverr Income to the account, but account's verification was not cleared. They asked for a utility bill on renter's name. But I don't have any utility bill on my name So I submitted backside of My CNIC because they needed to have my permanent address. But after that, there is no progress on whether my verification is cleared or not and their customer service is very very poor with respect to customer's help.

What should I do now, as my only income got stuck in that account!!!


  • LauraPayoneer
    LauraPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 716 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey there. Please enter your Payoneer account and provide a valid proof of residence. Acceptable forms of proof of residence are

    • a government-issued ID with your name and this address (issued in the last 12 months),
    • a copy of a recent bank statement,
    • a residence permit card,
    • a copy of a recent utility bill (within the past 3 months) that has your name and this address (examples of utility bills we accept are gas, water, electric, phone, cable bill, etc.);

    Unfortunately we cannot accept mobile phone bills or visa or stamps in your passport as a proof of residence.

    *If you are renting and do not have any utility bills under your name, please provide us with a copy of your rental agreement and a copy of a utility bill under the owner's name.

  • Heryh
    Heryh Member Posts: 2
    I opened an account for more than a week and I still do not have an email saying that my account is approved, why? Payoneer doesn't work normally anymore it seems!
  • rugrats
    rugrats Member Posts: 0
    Hi Payoneer!! I opened an account with you guys, very recently and received funds from Paypal just 2 days ago. Now I was told to verify my account of which I did, I provided all the necessary documents that were asked for and waited until today! no communications whatsoever! I have tried reaching you guys on twitter, sent numerous emails but no customer service from these people!!! Must be among the worse customer service producers of all time! I need to make a withdrawal from my account but it is in pending mode. Kindly review this official complaint. Customer ID: 39582761
  • mentesnot
    mentesnot Member Posts: 2
    I have submitted every necessary document i am waiting the approval for about 10 days I haven't received any emails what can I do to know the status of my application. Please advise. Thanks in advance customer ID: 39737359