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Need EUR account in Global Payment Service

Hello, I'm a new Payoneer user, I registered an account a few weeks ago. So far everything seems to be working, but:

I need to receive EUR from the Eurozone (need SWIFT and IBAN).
I need a Global Payment Service EUR account, but none is available. I only have USA and UK accounts (default ones) and an option to add CAN and JPY. But there is no option to add EUR.

I tried to contact the support at any way possible - first I tried writing the ticket at customer service, only to get the automated response with the link to the support centar - the first thing I have done (have already read it).
Then I tried to write an e-mail to CustomerCare, but got same automated response.
There is also an option for live chat, which now redirects you to support center - same useless information again. "Real" live chat is now very hard to find, and I managed to find an option, but as soon as you try to wait for the chat, it says "chat has ben cancelled". Useless.

Is there any way to contact a real customer support, for a real problem which can probably be solved in 2 minutes? Why is it inpossible to get a real support? I know that there are thousands of stupid questions that could be easily solved just by reading Support Center documentation, but there are some customers with real problems. This is so unprofessional, regarding that this is after all a company that handles funds, something which is seriously taken everywhere.

Can I please get some help to add an EUR (Eurozone) Global Payment Service account to my existing Paypal account? EUR accounts have SWIFT and IBAN fields for international bank transfers.

My Customer ID: 38351682