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My account is closed and I requested the funds to be returned to my clients

Stellar Member Posts: 1
My account is closed and I requested the funds to be returned to my clients. I did not receive any feedback if they have refunded the funds to my clients. I don't know what to explain to my clients as to where their funds is because there is no way I can reach payoneer team. They blocked and closed my account. I dont care if they do that so long as they have refunded the money to my clients. I need to know if they have processed in returning the money to my clients. Does payoneer steal money of my clients?


    B_CANSIN Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    You can't get your money back they refund to payer. It happend to me they didn't listen to me I figting this over 2 month now. But luckly in my case I got my money I just only war against to get my Payoneer account. But they paid payer money its self. I lost my logic I begged them to listen my side but they not The network diceded to Payoneer needs to refund but in that time I don't have money in account so Payoneer *** $ paid to lair scammer so in this case your money go to other side and your account blocked forever! And they says Payoneer have right close your or block your account without give reason. So its not about who is right its about oher side call his bank and said this payment is fraud or unauthorized and you doom. Yeah that so nice logic in here. But its your answer.