US Payment Service information: (BANK NAME)

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Hello Payoneer,


i have received an email from [email protected], it was about Payoneer US Payment Service containing especiafically my US Payment Service information. I've learned that my bank name is First Century Bank. i have google searched the bank and i have found three sites having the same bank name.
I just want to know which one (bank site's URL) is the correct one. Im just a little bit cunfious.






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    The US Payment Service is an online payment solution, and all support for the service is given by Payoneer. You do not receive any online banking tools or accessible account with First Century Bank.


    You can use the service only to receive payments, from US companies on our white list of approved senders. All payments received to your US Payment Service number are then funded to your Payoneer card, which can be used worldwide where MasterCard is accepted.

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