Community Federal Savings Bank account

Customer ID : 39261428

Hi, I'm facing an issue trying to link my Payoneer account with PayPal to withdraw money via Global Payment Service, and when I've searched about this matter, the community Payoneer website suggested to contact support center by opening a ticket (I don't understand that part) so that I can get a Community Federal Savings Bank account. The post that I've read mentionned that if I want to benefit from this Bank account, I must have a credit card linked with my PayPal, which I already have.

Now the thing is that I tried to send a message via Payoneer Support Service thrice, but I always get an auto reply that doesn't help to fix the issue. I've also tried to contact them through live chat but it says ''Your chat request has been canceled'', the same with a toll free call, also I've sent a direct email to customer service.

I don't know if an account specialist will review my request and send me a reply for it, so guys I need your help, if you have any other suggestions to do please, thank you !
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