Global payment option

I cant see my global payment option displayed its been 8 days after registration


  • garyagarya Member Posts: 2
    Surprisingly I guess Payoneer customer service is of no use. They hardly have few agents in hand and the purpose of them is just to make false commitments. I have an upcoming payment which has been stoped for manual review. Being an ex banker and working with regulators in past , I well understand the requirement of documents for compliance and regulatory matter. But wao, your team needs 10-15 days to review the information and the most odd thing is that after every requirement I am told to wait 1-3 business days , on 3rd day they reject or ask for additional requirement....the most funny part was that I had submitted a work contract , and by mistake I added a unsigned document ,I was told to get itnapproved I need to send signed copy ....and payment would be approved immediately ....however after nearly 30 hours when I checked for status of my payment from one of the agent at support he told me that the payment is on hold as I need to send signed copy ....I said him man I have sent it 30 hours earlier ....and still no response .....the support tickets created in support center are automatically changed to resolved without any improvement...
    Global payment option is not coming.
  • SampeiSampei Member Posts: 8
    Can I have better advice, please?
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