I am trying to login SUNYOU in China, will you give them a buzz, please?
Than you.


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    Hi we don't quite understand how this is related to us if you can kindly clarify

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    I hope to make some collections from china and South Africa. I am following your guide as per your Partner directive and eventually locate some payment places in china and asked my client to try SUNYOU. But SUNYOU told them to wait till they verify their docs, then SUNYOU would reply back to them. So my client is waiting for their reply, but no reply yet till now. To make the payments a bit easier for my clients, later on, my clients still try some more payment places in china, and I hope your partners may make it easier for them and must not make them wait too long to get a reply.
    I couldn't find any collection places in South Africa from your Partner directive, maybe I am stupid and dont know what to do and missed it. so will you instruct me how I can locate the right collection places in South Africa, please?
    I still didn't receive the CYN, HK$ and ZAR local currency approval from you though applied quite a few days ago. Before all the matters put in place together, there is nothing that can be done though I hope to get it started up asap. Expecting your instructions, thank you.