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Can I combine Fiverr Revenue Card balance and Payoneer balance and withdraw it together?

lakim0o Member Posts: 1
Hey everyone, this is my first post, nice to be here :smile:

I am a Fiverr freelancer and have a few questions regarding Payoneer and Fiverr.

I have $48,50 on Payoneer main balance, unable to withdraw since minimum threshold is $50.

I am thinking about ordering Fiverr Revenue Card and withdraw $60 to it from Fiverr.

Will I be able to combine $48,50 and $60 and withdraw them together to my bank account?

I do not want to leave this $48,50 forever on Payoneer balance, I do not have Payoneer card and am unable to cash it.

Also, do you know any way I can withdraw less than $50 from Payoneer?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.