Withdrawal payment has not reflected in local bank account yet.

theniyaltheniyal Member Posts: 4
Hi, I withdrew some amount on 16 september in my local bank account. usually it takes 5-10 mins for amount to reflect in my local bank but it has been 4 days with no news yet. The live chat support on 17 September says to wait for 1-2 days but sadly nothing yet. Please tell me how can I resolve this issue?

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  • theniyaltheniyal Member Posts: 4
    Hi @morga thank you for writing back.
    I have been using Payoneer for few months now and all withdrawal reflected in my bank account in 5-10 minutes. I am sure something is wrong this time I need to resolve this ASAP. I have had a chat with live support on 17 september they said it should be solved in 1-2 days. Where do I seek help?
  • theniyaltheniyal Member Posts: 4
    > @morga said:
    > Hi there @theniyal We are sorry to hear your withdrawal is delayed! Generally speaking, the standard time for bank transfers are 1-3 business days not including the weekend. If nothing shows up by the first business day of the week, please reach out to our support team directly to raise the issue so they can take a closer look and investigate

    I still haven't received my payment yet who do I talk to? Who will resolve this issue? I am not been able to connect to live chat
  • theniyaltheniyal Member Posts: 4
    I got the payment after 6 days. So it is resolved!
  • anastasia45anastasia45 Member Posts: 2
    Hi, did you receive a confirmation email after the withdrAwal?
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