Can't Receive Payment by Credit Card

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I live in Turkey and am trying to receive money from a person in Europe and have already issued him and invoice for the service that I did. The amount is 2400 Euro.
He can pay by his credit card, but there is no credit card option available in the payment options and only can transfer the amount by SEPA. I tested it even for an amount less than 50 Euros and the same problem exists.

I need to mention that I received two payments from Irland 4 months ago by Credit Card option and was transferred to my local bank account afterward.


  • meeturmstr
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    have u try another way payment ??
  • Yaghoob
    Yaghoob Member Posts: 2
    What way of payment you mean? I issue invoice to my customer. When he wants to pay, there is no option as Pay with Credit Card.