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Why is it impossible to get in contact with "customer support"

timmeh81 Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
I know this is the wrong category, any helpful category is greyed out and un-selectable.

I've had a payment stuck as "under review" since the 8th of this month. I have sent requests, stayed online for 3 hours trying to speak to live chat, sent facebook messages and absolutely nothing.

During this pandemic my income has stopped, completely. So i took an online teaching job to see me and my partner through. This is our only income.

My first payment came through and I withdrew it to our account.
It's stuck.
No verification issues exist as I gave them all of the information they required.

Yet still.....nothing.
I am on the verge of having absolutely no money. Access to my money. The money I earned and require to be able to eat, pay for power and keep teaching so I can keep living.

I am in a foreign country so I have no access to any financial aid and flying home is not a possibility as I have my life here with animals etc.

Payoneer customer service, I need you to do better, I need you to reply, I need you to be online and I need my money......desperately

What more do I have to do to get an answer, a resolution?
From one of the biggest financial institutions I am at a loss to how you think this is acceptable.

This is my money and you not only get fees from me transferring it but also enjoy the interest while it's in your account. To hold it ransom is causing me so much stress I cannot even begin to explain.

Does anyone have any ideas, tricks or advice on how to get them to look into releasing my money?



  • meggutierrez
    meggutierrez Member Posts: 1
    It is so tiresome to think of. Same case as mine. It is sad that they have the money physically and it is on us virtually (on figures that can be seen online), and will be up to them whether when they feel like releasing it after they feel like approving the documents. It is so sad. It might be the reason that i will quit with my online job because they had a finance partner that isn't responsible enough to handle such cases.