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Frustrating Post-Brexit address verification process

bubaduba Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
edited September 2020 in Popular Questions and Tips

Hello, everyone!

Like all of you I received a message for address verification for post-brexit.
I've been member of Payoneer for long time now, ordered and using their card and so on. I never changed my address since I registered here. I received my current card on the address I am living right now.

However my documents of proof keep being rejected. First the ID (which is issued 2 yrs ago so for some reason doesn't work as a proof). But that's fine. It took 1 month to get rejected.

Then I try to upload a PDF of a bank statement... for some reason PDF can't be uploaded... so I had to upload it as JPG... got rejected again as "blurry", even tho it was totally readable.

Just uploaded is as PNG now and keep waiting... I just want to get my address approved. I wish the process was made better.