What is my application status?



This is my first post at this community forum. I need help about card approval.

I have applied for payoneer through affilate program.

Payoneer require ID Card CNIC number and I provide them.

After that i received a email from payoneer that you have to upload SCAN of National ID Card. I already have scan copies in my PC. I upload it by using the upload link provided by payoneer. I received confirmation message "we have received your scan copy succesfully".

I Did this on 21th May 2013.

Today is 27th May 2013.

I did'nt receive any email regarding card approval!

Did they send a email when my card is approved and sent to me? or not

Please Help me! Thanks


reference number = 2571323


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    Applications take several business days to be reviewed. Please be patient while our account approval's department reviews your application, and I assure you that we will get back to you as soon as it has been reviewed.

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